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  Here you will find vacation rentals in the Crystal River area, including short term houses, condos, waterfront property and even a private rental island! The city of Crystal River is Home of the Manatee, providing a safe haven for the West Indian Manatee during the winter months. Many vacation rentals offer PERKS that make certian vacation rentals true values. Free stocked fire ring and unlimited kayak use at Paradise Found Island Retreat, Crystal River's only secluded private island vacation rental! Also Homosassa Springs and Citrus County vacation rentals. Call 1-352-564-1757 with your vacation rental needs and find the vacation rental you are looking for. This website offers free index listing for all Crystal River area vacation rentals.  


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Welcome to Mother Nature's Theme Park!

Crystal River, Florida is located 2854'N 8236'W; the land area is 4.31 square miles (2,756 acres); the water area is 0.57 square miles (364 acres) where you can observe the "Old Florida" and take tours on pristine waters while watching abundant wildlife on land and on the water.

Eighteen different endangered species of wildlife make Crystal River their home, including the red-cockaded woodpecker, whooping cranes, panthers and of course the manatee, just to name a few.

Humans are the only known danger for these gentle giants, the manatee, primarily from those boating and fishing, carelessly throwing filament line in the waters. As Home of the Manatee, we proudly uphold the rules and regulations written for the purpose of keeping them around for generations to come.

Some of these rules include, but are not limited to:

  • no harassing
  • no poking
  • no chasing
  • sitting upon manatees.

There are hefty fines for not abiding by these rules. the manatees do like attention, especially liking their bellies scratched and appear to thrive on interacting with friendly humans. The experience of swimming with manatees is a life altering occurrence in itself. Visitors come from around the globe to snorkel and play with the manatee in its natural habitat.

To learn more about the manatee and how you can swim with them visit Crystal River manatee tours. You will love your interaction with the manatee; it's a life experience. Bring your own mask and snorkel or let us provide it for you.

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